Tea & Coffee Premix



Om Sai Foods is the leading manufacturer of Tea and Coffee premix in India. Superb Tea premix is made with finest quality tea leaves. Get a delightful experience by having Superb Tea premix whenever and whenever you want. You just need to add hot water to relish the pure taste of Superb Tea Premix.

Jaggery Cardamom Tea

Karak Cardamom Tea

Classic Cardamom Tea

Premium Cardamom Tea

X-tra Ginger Tea

Classic Ginger Tea

Jaggery Ginger Tea

Karak Ginger Tea

Premium Black Lemon Tea

X-tra Black Lemon Tea

Premium Lemongrass Tea

X-tra Lemongrass Tea

Karak saffron Tea

X-tra Saffron Tea

Premium Masala Tea

Jaggery Masala Tea

Classic Masala Tea

Karak Masala Tea

Premium Plain Tea

X-tra Plain Tea

Karak Green Tea

X-tra Green Tea


Choose from a variety of available flavors and fragrances of Coffee Premix. Experience the joy of having refreshing Coffee by just adding hot water to Superb Coffee Premix.

Karak Vanilla Coffee

Karak Chocolate Coffee

Premium Coffee

Karak Coffee

Jaggery Coffee

Low Sugar Coffee

Unsweetened Coffee

X-Tra Coffee


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